You may be excited about buying your first house or relocating to a nicer place, but you’re probably not looking forward to the process of finding a suitable mortgage. It’s true that this is usually time-consuming and often irritating, but Ready Mortgage Lenders can help make things go smoothly.

All you need to do is:

  • Fill out a straightforward and secure online form
  • Receive as many as four offers from different lenders
  • Look over the rates and terms in each of them
  • Select the mortgage that works best for your situation

Make a free loan request now, and you’ll soon be reaping the rewards of a custom-built home loan!

You’ll be able to choose from a broad range of mortgages, with both fixed and variable rates available. Additionally, you may find that you’re qualified for an FHA loan. This typically comes with a low down payment and reduced closing costs, as long as you meet FHA eligibility requirements.

It’s important to tailor your mortgage loan to your financial situation, and with Ready Mortgage Lenders loan you can choose from 15- and 30-year fixed rate loans and adjustable-rate mortgages (loans with variable rates, often called ARMs). You’ll also have options in interest rates, points, and more so that you can pick the best mortgage for your own circumstances.

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15 year Fixed Rate Mortgage

With a 15-Year Fixed-Rate loan, you don’t have to worry about interest catching up with you! If you like your budget to stay consistent and on track, this type of home loan won’t have you breaking the bank with high interest rates! Apply now for a 15 year fixed rate mortgage.

30 year Fixed Rate Mortgage

The 30 year fixed rate mortgage is one of the most popular and secure home loan options available, especially if you want your monthly payments to be low and never change. Apply now for a 30 year fixed rate mortgage.


The Federal Housing Administration (FHA), under the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), operates a mortgage program that aims to make home ownership possible for more people.

Foreign National

A Foreign National Program gives non-citizen residents the chance to buy a home in the United States on attractive, non-restrictive terms with conditions among the most flexible in the industry.


You should remember that a Refinance basically “restarts the clock” as far as your mortgage. We will connect you with lenders who will offer you a variety of home loan options delivering favorable terms and competitive rates.

Reverse Mortgage

A Reverse Mortgage functions like a home equity loan or line of credit in that you use some of your homes equity to borrow cash. With a reverse mortgage, though, you won’t have to make no principal and interest payments while you continue to live in your house. Consumers will remain responsible for paying taxes, insurance and maintenance.

VA Mortgage

The US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Home Loan program dates back to World War II, when passage of the Servicemen’s Readjustment Act (better known as the G.I. Bill) granted a benefits package to eligible veterans.