Get Pre-Approved
Taking the step to get pre-approved adds credibility to you as a buyer. Sellers & banks prefer pre-approved buyers and take them more seriously than those who are not. Click here to get pre-approved!
Start Searching for a Home
Not everyone chooses to work with a realtor, but it really helps tailor the search. For no charge, we will pair you with a credible realtor that specializes in your particular area. This way they can filter out listings that don’t match your needs. Why make it complicated when it’s free?
Sign the Purchase Agreement
After choosing your new home the next step is signing the Purchase Agreement. Since you will be pre-approved the process is already one step ahead.
Close on your Mortgage
As a Ready Mortgage Lender client the process of closing on your Mortgage is even quicker than competitors. Faster closing means faster move-in date!
Move In
Finally the day is here, moving day, and as hectic as where things should “go” can get, at least your loan is the least of your worries. Our experts are available to answer any questions about the life of your loan.